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Vertigo Void


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Vertigo Void is a challenging 3D puzzle-platformer which demands a keen eye and sharp memory. As a lone astronaut, walk up walls, jump across the void of space (or fall in) and teleport your way to safety or else face the Sun’s wrath. Pit your wit and skill against the Sun’s encroaching menace as you chart your way through over 200 puzzling levels brimming with challenge and surprise.

Key Features:

  • Loads of Game Content

  • Over 200 levels to complete

  • Lots of gameplay manipulating items

  • An estimated 12 hours of gameplay

  • Xbox 360 Controller support

  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems

Create Your Own Levels

  • Share your own levels with friends.

  • Use the fully featured in-game editor to create your own levels

  • An infinite number of possibilities, make the most unusual and mind-bending designs!

  • You have access to the complete library of items available in the game.

  • Where will your imagination take you?



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