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Sky Mercenaries


An epic sky battle awaits you! Choose your pilot and fighter to join the ultimate 2D S.H.M.U.P action !

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An epic sky battle awaits you! Choose your pilot and fighter to join the ultimate 2D S.H.M.U.P action ! Fight over 50 enemy types on 8 worlds in over 32 story missions and unlimited random content. To be prepared for the overpowering enemy fleet and challenging bossfights. Upgrade and skill fighters, drones and pilots the way you like to play them. Get powerful and permanent, visible upgrades, armor and different types of weapons. Level up your pilots and assign skill points in 3 different skill trees to unlock a variety of abilities like auto-shield, critical buffs and more. Join the Mercenaries now!

Game details:

The color system

One of the basic elements in Sky Mercenaries ist the color system. There are 2 main firemodes for each fighter, red and blue. The player is free to change the firemode at any time in the game. Each bullet and enemy has a color too. If a blue enemy bullet hits you, while you’re in red firemode, a part of your fighter takes damage. If the bullet and your fighter have the same color, in this example red, you absorb the bullet and charge your overload ability. Once the overload bar is full, your ship sends out an explosive wave, destroying bullets and damages enemies near you.

If you hit your enemies, it’s almost the same. If you hit a blue enemy while in blue firemode, he can absorb up to the half of the inflicted damage. Some enemies even more. If you hit the blue enemy with a red bullet, you inflict more damage and gain increased critical hit ratings.

Sounds simple so far.. Now imagine, 50 enemy types that react to your color and movement. Some tank fighters, change color if you do. Some others generate a shield absorbing one color. There are lasers and rapid fire enemies, that allow and sometimes even require you to change to the weapons color to survive. We played arround with this idea in many parts and details of the game and there is always more than one way to survive a situation. The player has to estimate the danger level at any time and has to decide between more damage and survival every second. This adds a lot of speed to the variety of gameplay elements.

The damage system

If a Bullet hits a Target, there are different factors to consider:

  • Base Damage (Minimum Damage – Maximum Damage) – Hull Armor & Armor piercing (% percentage)
  • Critical Hit Rating / Damage (% percentage)
  • Bullet Type (Energy, Explosive / Red, Blue) (x multiplier)

Each factor depends on Pilot Level, Skills, Ship Level, Upgrades and Drones.

A new and unique Element in Sky Mercenaries is the Player Damage Model. Each Player Fighter has Parts that can be hit and destroyed by enemy fire. Each part has it’s own health display in the upper left of the game interface.

If a part gets damaged, it turns red in the interface and starts to burn. Drones change formations as you change firemodes and absorb different amounts of damage until they get destroyed.

If a main part of the fighter gets too much damage, the fighter goes down. Fighter parts and Drones can be repaired with repair Power Ups. The player can keep gained experience and cash to Power Up for better chances within the next try. Combo system

Increase the combo level before the timer ends and evade enemy fire to finish full stages in one-combo to climb the online leaderboards. Unlock bonus stages to reach ultimate Combo levels and compete online.

Key features:

  • hand drawn full speed action
  • 8 worlds, 32 missions and bonus stages
  • 3 upgradeable wing fighters with a tripple part damage model • day & night Missions, unique light engine
  • 3 pilots with different skill-trees, various combinations
  • tons of permanent upgrades and stage power ups
  • 5 balanced difficulty levels
  • command up to 8 drones, 6 different drone types
  • over 50 different reacting enemy types
  • damage system, critical hits and amor ratings
  • 2 upgradeable main firemodes – red / blue system
  • 15 different upgradeable weapons
  • 16 epic bossfights
  • unlockable random stage generator
  • full mouse, gamepad, joystick or keyboard support
  • 3 different INGame shops for INGame credits
  • screen bombs, overload system
  • multi language support eng, sp, fr, de
  • resolution auto-scale and inFight zoom


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