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Polarity Shmup Pack


Polarity Shmup Pack includes:

  • Steel Rain
  • Sky Mercenaries

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Steel Rain

Prepare for the ultimate shoot-’em-up / strategy ReMix with RPG elements!

Steel Rain is a truly novel mix of strategy, RPG, and frantic action, with a modern, high velocity shmup core at its center. You get to control 2 wings you can tactically arrange in different formations and firemodes, as you fight your way through an impressive variety of overwhelmingly huge enemy fleets.

Sky Mercenaries

An epic sky battle awaits you! Choose your pilot and fighter to join the ultimate 2D S.H.M.U.P action ! Fight over 50 enemy types on 8 worlds in over 32 story missions and unlimited random content. To be prepared for the overpowering enemy fleet and challenging bossfights. Upgrade and skill fighters, drones and pilots the way you like to play them. Get powerful and permanent, visible upgrades, armor and different types of weapons. Level up your pilots and assign skill points in 3 different skill trees to unlock a variety of abilities like auto-shield, critical buffs and more. Join the Mercenaries now!