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Hotel Giant


Build your very own hotel and design the building to your unique specifications. Observe your guests behavior, assess their happiness, and make modifications according to their moods.

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Our Hotels. Your Rules. In Hotel Giant, you call the shots as you direct every aspect of hotel operations. You control the construction of your hotel – from site selection to building type – to personalized room features. Build up to 19 different hotel complexes, ranging from romantic get-away hotels to skyscraper business hotels to luxury 5-star hotels with exquisite spa and entertainment facilities.

You’ll also get the chance to satisfy your inner voyeur by observing your guests’ every move and reacting to their feedback.

  • 19 vastly different hotels to manage providing huge variety to gameplay

  • 23 international cities to establish yourself in including London and Sydney

  • 8 completely configurable room styles to design and decorate including Guest Rooms, Restaurants, Bars and Libraries

  • Over 400 interior décor items including lights, wallpaper and tables to provide almost limitless design opportunities

  • 3 different camera angles take you deep into the experience


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