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Gothic Universe


The epic story of Gothic, now in one huge pack!

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The epic story of Gothic, now in one huge pack!

Begin your journey as a prisoner of the King, who must find enough magic ore to forge weapons for his army in defense against the Orcs. The mines are set in a large magical sphere and inside this sphere you will start exploring Myrtana’s mysteries. Once you’ve managed to burst the bonds of imprisonment, it’s on you to explore the island of Khorinis.

Willing to do whatever is necessary to banish evil once and for all, defend the people against the orcish thread and venture deep into subterranean temples. After your escape from the island you didn’t find safety: The orcs have finally conquered Myrtana and enslaved the humans. Barbarians of the icy north and few fearless rebels are the only resistance. You can either support their efforts or join the orcish occupation forces but whatever you do, the destiny of Myrtana is yours to forge!

Features Gothic Universe:

  • The full award-winning Gothic Series including Gothic, Gothic II Gold and Gothic 3!

  • Immerse yourself in a huge living and breathing environment, meet unique characters and experience the epic story of Gothic

  • Mercenaries, Humans, Assassins & Orcs: Choose your faction!

  • Make history: non-linear storylines with multiple endings and almost limitless possibilities guarantee long-term challenges

  • Over 100 hours of exciting game play



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