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Gem Smashers


It’s up to you to help our little heroes survive!

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The earth was a peaceful place and its population lived in perfect harmony. A fearsome scientist named IMBU and his henchmen arrived to steal the Earth’s energy and capture all the inhabitants by locking them up in crystal cells.

Miraculously, three heroic creatures escaped: BAU, BAM and BOM. They became Gem Smashers, travelling the world springing, spinning, and smashing the crystal cells where their friends are imprisoned. It’s up to you to help our little heroes survive!

Each level presents a new layout of breakable blocks and different colored gems in which innocent creatures are trapped. In order to smash open a gem, the colliding character must be of the same color as the gem. Our little friends can change their color by using the magical color-changes scattered around.


  • 3 different playable characters, each with its unique speed, bounce and style.
  • 50+ different bonuses that result in everything from bonus points to game changing mechanics.
  • STORY MODE: 8 different worlds to explore and play. Overcome the levels and defeat the bosses.
  • BATTLE MODE: Challenge your friends; see who truly has mastered the game.
  • SPECIAL MODES: Earn and unlock additional game modes and extra features.
  • Over 100 levels.
  • Colorful graphics and special effects.
  • Animated cut-scenes that introduce characters, locations and story.
  • Adaptive sound and background themes that change depending on levels and locations.
  • Keyboard, gamepad & mouse control.
  • In game tutorial.


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