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Crazy Machines 2: Anniversary DLC



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You’ve never seen a 10th anniversary party like this one before! There’s only one way to properly celebrate a decade of crazy inventions – with even crazier inventions! This special anniversary DLC for Crazy Machines 2 includes 23 new parts and levels to add to your inventor’s toolkit. Catapult cakes, blow up snowmen, launch confetti into space, and so much more. Challenge your brain to come up with your best inventions yet in the Crazy Machines 2 10 Year Anniversary Party DLC! 
Includes 23 New Parts and Levels! 
Acceleration Plate -A new kind of deformable plate that pushes everything that it touches in a preset direction. 

Big Numbers – Zero and One, but really, really, large. 

Cake – A glamorous cake, colored and decorated however you like! 

Confetti Cannon – A party cannon that shoots different kinds of confetti when triggered via radio. 

Fortune Wheel – Feeling lucky? Spin the wheel to discover what items will be generated. 

Hand organ – Enjoy one of three nostalgic melodies when you spin the handle. 

High Striker – The more you hit the button, the higher the clapper will fly. If you ring the bell, the radio channel will be triggered. 

Party Chain – A must have for any party: chains of lights or colored pendants. 

Party Snowman – He’s the coolest dude at every party, but he’s very sensitive to rough handling. 

Professor Bust – A monument for every fan of the professor! 

Sparkler – Can be lit, but not blown out. Will you let it go out or use it to ignite the next phase of the party? 
New Experiments 
Anniversary: Welcome to the Party! 

Confetti in Space 

Coolest Dud at the Party 

Cake Fight 

Wheel of Elements 

Cannon of the Organ 

Party Train 

Throwing Hats 

Cake and Candles 

A Special Cake 

Farewell Song – One last hurrah to activate before the party’s over!