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Brain Booster


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Test your logic, grammar, spelling and mathematical intelligence with 8 mentally stimulating exercises. Attend the Brain Booster Academy and work your way through the school years starting from Pre-School right through to University with the help from your very own personal tutor, Professor Edmund. You can only graduate to the next academic year when you have reached the top score and with only 2 minutes to complete each quiz round it is a race against the clock.Exercise your brain power with this fun, academic extravaganza quiz!

3 quiz options, including

  • Ranking Quiz – Scores are recorded at each level and game you play. Reach 6000 points and graduate to the next level.
  • Quick Quiz – Choose a quiz from a series of 8 games and score as many points as possible in the set two minute round.
  • Practice Quiz – Have a practice run through with Professor Edmund

EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS:8 stimulating exercises to test your educational skills, including:

  • A-Z – Quiz Test your spelling by filling in the missing letters to the words provided.
  • Sudoku – Time to challenge your mathematical knowledge with this ultimate numeric game.
  • Colerex – Designed to evaluate your judgment of spatial awareness, by matching the colour squares together within the grid.
  • Series puzzle – Simplest way to test your maths skills by completing the number sequence.
  • Word scramble – Put your grammar and spelling to the test with this word anagram.
  • Memory quiz – Memorize and replicate the grid as fast as possible within the time scale.
  • Count Expert – Access your memory and numeric skills, pay attention to the objects removed and added behind the brain to score as many points as possible.
  • Heal The Words – Use the words provided to form different words altogether and exercise your grammar skills.


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