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Awesomenauts – Sun Wukong Skree Skin


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A merchant travelling to the western edges of the Galaxy for an unknown purpose once met a strange being on an asteroid. He allowed the being to accompany him, and listened to the many stories that he shared with him.

The being came into this world by the name of Sun Wukong, and claimed to wield unimaginable powers. The merchant scoffed at his new companion, and told him “You look like a Monkey, but if you truly are a primate you would be a King among them.””

Sun Wukung glared at the merchant and zapped him with lightning, burning to him to a crisp. “”They called me the Monkey King once, but none remain to do so now. I have become Skree, and I am free!””

Sun Wukong continued his journey to the western edges of the Galaxy alone.

This DLC contains a custom skin for Skree in Awesomenauts: Starstorm.



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