Dauntless Behemoths – Everything You Need To Know

Behemoths are the main enemies in the game, and they are basically the things you’ll spend most of your time trying to survive against. They come in a variety of different elemental leanings, fighting off these monsters is the only way to get new gear or upgrade your current equipment. Farming them can even lead […]

How to Play Smite – All the basics in one place

Smite is the third person MOBA developed by Hi-Rez Studios, creators of Tribes Ascend amongst other games. Unlike many of the competition in the MOBA field, it places the player right in the action, just over the shoulder of their chosen Smite character.  If you haven’t played Smite before or you’re just looking for some […]

Is Eve Online Free To Play? – A Brief Introduction To The Massive Space Faring Adventure

Finding a good space game can be a horrifying, daunting task. There are now nearly as many games on Steam as there are stars in the night sky (not fact-checked). So when a good one comes along, then lasts for over a decade, then there’s probably a reason why. Not only is Eve Online free […]

The Tera Online Endgame – What Are Tera Dungeons, and What to Do Next

me – What Are Tera Dungeons, and What to Do Next You’ve peaked, you are truly a mighty force, one to fear and love. What on Earth do you do now that you’ve hit the top? With no more levels to grind you may find yourself feeling empty and a little lost. Well, with plenty […]

Path of Exile Beginners Guide – How To Find Your Footing In This Sprawling World

If you have the internet then you’ve probably heard of Path of Exile. If you don’t have the internet but are still reading this then colour us impressed. This Path of Exile guide will introduce you to the basic concepts you will need to make it through the game. Be aware, the builds end up […]

A Guild Wars 2 Guide – Start Your Journey Off Strong

Guild Wars 2 has been around so long that it may seem impossible to get into. Thankfully we have a Guild Wars 2 guide for you to get you started in the right way. This should help you find your way through the murky early stages of the game and make sure you can emerge […]

A Guide To The Best Free MMORPGS – Let’s Help Get You Into The Games That Never End

Whether you’ve just got your first PC or you’ve had one for ages, there will come a time when you’ll want to jump into an MMORPG. The trouble is that many of them have a subscription fee. Worse yet, you might not even enjoy them. So here is a handy guide to the best free […]

A Guide To The Best Free Anime MMORPGS and Anime Games – Find Your Waifu, Lose Your Life-U

If you’re a big anime fan then it’s natural to want to find an anime MMORPG to jump into like Sword Art Online or Log Horizon. Maybe you just like the aesthetic and want to find some of the best free-to-play anime games? Either way, this is a great place to start your journey into […]

A Guide to the Best Free Survival Games – Games Are Too Easy, Enter the World of Games That Want to Kill You

One of the most interesting emergent genres of the last few years is the survival game. The genre tasks you with maintaining your own food, water, gear, and sometimes even sanity. The unique challenges offered by this genre make them incredibly compelling, which means that there are some great free survival games around. So read […]

A Guide to the Best Free Shooters – Find the One You Like and Take Aim

Is there any genre more at home on a PC than the shooter? Many of the best F2P games are shooters of the first or third person varieties and you’ll struggle to find any better. The shooter is a wonderful genre filled with lots of nuances, action, and being shot lots in the face by […]

Imperia Online Tips and Tricks Guide

Imperia Online is a free strategy browser game that contains a surprising amount of depth. With multiple ways to play, different strategies to employ, and a never-ending series of multiplayer battles for you to take part in, there’s definitely a lot to learn. If you’re finding your first steps a little confusing then don’t worry, […]

Raid: Shadow Legends Guide – Tips and Tricks

Raid: Shadow Legends is a mighty, meaty strategy RPG with lots to discover and master on your journey to the late game. With different modes, lots of champions, and more to learn about, you might need a guide so you can get started with absolute confidence. We’ve assembled some essential tips and tricks so you […]