DRM – Epic Games

As of 30.06.2020 we now support direct redemption of Epic DRM titles on your Epic account. This is a keyless process and you’ll simply login to your Epic account to redeem your purchase. Your Epic account is not linked in anyway to your Green Man Gaming account although we may use existing logged in sessions so it may not be necessary to login each time.

A couple of games may still provide keys whilst we move over to this new system, if you have a key for Epic please follow these steps:

You will firstly need an Epic Games account.Click here and select “Sign Up” at the bottom and create yourself an account.

Once you have an account download the client from here.

Install the client and login.

Click on your username in the bottom left corner and select “Redeem Code”

Confirm and install game.

 Please contact Customer Support if you require further assistance. 

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