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Redeeming Blizzard Products

To help ensure a smooth and fast redemption of your game, from October 2019, you’ll activate Blizzard games purchased from us via a keyless redemption process. We work directly with Blizzard to make this possible, and you’ll need to own a pre-existing Battle.net account in order for us to deliver the product to your Blizzard account.

If you purchased a Blizzard game from us before October 2019, please see here for separate instructions.

How does a keyless redemption process work?

Following your purchase, you will be asked to log-in to your Battle.net account. Simply enter your Battle.net login details, follow the short redemption steps to confirm, and the game will be directly added to your account. Easy, fast, handy.

If you’re already logged-in to your Battle.net account, you may not be required to enter your details again. Please ensure you are logged-in to the account you wish to redeem the game on.

If you don’t have a Battle.net account, you’ll need to make one before redeeming your game. Owning an account is necessary in order to play any Blizzard title.

What about a pre-purchase title?

Pre-purchase titles work the same way, however, the option to add the game to your Battle.net account will become available when the game first goes to pre-load. If there is no pre-load period, the option will become available upon the games release.

What data will I share between accounts?

In order to redeem a Blizzard title purchased from us, you’ll need to share your Blizzard Account ID and BattleTag, and your Battle.net Account identity. This is a standard process to help facilitate secure keyless delivery between us and Blizzard.

To remove this access, you can visit your connections page on your Blizzard account settings and remove Green Man Gaming. Please be assured we require this data for the purposes of delivering your product only.

Please note, if you already logged in to your Battle.net account, the button above will redeem the title on the account you are logged-in to. If you would like to redeem on a different Battle.net account, please log out and log in using the details of the intended account to redeem.

You may only redeem one PC key per product per each Battle.net account. If you have purchased multiple copies of the same title, please do not try to redeem the same game more than once. You will need to redeem the title on other eligible Battle.net accounts.

If you encounter any problems, please contact our friendly customer support and we’ll get you sorted. You can view your purchase history within your Green Man Gaming account.

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